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Our Jurlique Farm

With its unpolluted air and nutrient-rich soil, our organic South Australian farm is proof that glowing skin comes from the land – not the lab.

The power of nature

At the heart of every Jurlique product is the understanding that the most radiant skin comes from the purest place on Earth: the unique Adelaide Hills in South Australia. We grow and extract many of our iconic botanicals here to guarantee their exceptional power and purity, so they can be very concentrated and effective. Even the air above our farm is pure. According to data gathered by the World Health Organisation, the air quality in our part of the world is among the very best*, with low levels of pollution and bright, unblemished skies. 

Preserving Nature’s power and purity

Every ingredient we grow at our Jurlique Farm is renowned for addressing specific skin care concerns. It’s our role to harness their potential to extraordinary effect. To make sure our concentrated botanicals are as effective as possible, we go to great lengths to surround them with the most favourable conditions. We use organic farming methods free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers to optimise the already rich and fertile soil. And we work in harmony with the seasons to grow botanical ingredients that are naturally powerful and pure.

Harnessing Nature’s harvest

From seed to harvest, we care for our botanicals, so they can care for your skin.


We propagate cuttings and seeds in our hothouse until they’re ready to be planted in our farm’s rich soil.


We cultivate our herbs and flowers using all-natural organic methods, so our ingredients are naturally pure and powerful.


When the time is right, we gently pick our botanicals by hand to harness their unique and concentrated properties.

Protecting Nature's unspoiled beauty

Sustainability is a fundamental part of everything we do at our Jurlique Farm. In 2015, we installed solar panels and a complete solar power production system here, so we can use clean energy as much as possible. Our farm has sent zero waste to landfill since 2016, as we reuse, recycle or recover into energy everything we use. We use recycled water to irrigate our crops, and have planted over 10,000 native trees at our farm. Even the compost we use to enrich our soil is made from plants grown at our farm, so that nothing is wasted.


“We chose the Adelaide Hills because it had the perfect climate and the land was unpolluted.”

Ulrike Klein, co‐founder of Jurlique.